Chapter 17 quizlet

Twain, M. Chapter Twain, Mark. Lit2Go Edition. October 12, BUT there was no hilarity in the little town that same tranquil Saturday afternoon. The Harpers, and Aunt Polly's family, were being put into mourning, with great grief and many tears. An unusual quiet possessed the village, although it was ordinarily quiet enough, in all conscience. The villagers conducted their concerns with an absent air, and talked little; but they sighed often.

chapter 17 quizlet

The Saturday holiday seemed a burden to the children. They had no heart in their sports, and gradually gave them up. In the afternoon Becky Thatcher found herself moping about the deserted schoolhouse yard, and feeling very melancholy. But she found nothing there to comfort her.

She soliloquized:. But I haven't got anything now to remember him by. Oh, if it was to do over again, I wouldn't say that—I wouldn't say it for the whole world.

But he's gone now; I'll never, never, never see him any more. This thought broke her down, and she wandered away, with tears rolling down her cheeks. Then quite a group of boys and girls—playmates of Tom's and Joe's—came by, and stood looking over the paling fence and talking in reverent tones of how Tom did so—and—so the last time they saw him, and how Joe said this and that small trifle pregnant with awful prophecy, as they could easily see now! Then there was a dispute about who saw the dead boys last in life, and many claimed that dismal distinction, and offered evidences, more or less tampered with by the witness; and when it was ultimately decided who DID see the departed last, and exchanged the last words with them, the lucky parties took upon themselves a sort of sacred importance, and were gaped at and envied by all the rest.

One poor chap, who had no other grandeur to offer, said with tolerably manifest pride in the remembrance:. But that bid for glory was a failure. Most of the boys could say that, and so that cheapened the distinction too much. The group loitered away, still recalling memories of the lost heroes, in awed voices. When the Sunday—school hour was finished, the next morning, the bell began to toll, instead of ringing in the usual way. It was a very still Sabbath, and the mournful sound seemed in keeping with the musing hush that lay upon nature.

The villagers began to gather, loitering a moment in the vestibule to converse in whispers about the sad event.Chapter Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance. Test Bank. The nurse sees a pattern on the fetal monitor that looks similar to early decelerations, but the deceleration begins near the acme of the contraction and continues well beyond the end of the contraction. Which nursing action indicates the proper evaluation of this situation?

Continue to monitor these early decelerations, which occur as the fetal head is compressed during a contraction. This deceleration pattern is associated with uteroplacental insufficiency, so the nurse acts quickly to improve placental blood flow and fetal oxygen supply.

Chapter 17: Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance My Nursing Test Banks

This pattern reflects variable decelerations. No interventions are necessary at this time. Document this reassuring fetal heart rate pattern, but decrease the rate of the intravenous fluid. ANS: B. These are late decelerations, not early; therefore interventions are necessary. This is a description of a late deceleration.

Oxygen should be given via snug facemask.

Hatchet audiobook chapter 17

Position the woman on her left side to increase placental blood flow. Variable decelerations are caused by cord compression. A vaginal examination should be performed to identify this potential emergency. This is not a reassuring pattern, so the intravenous rate should be increased to increase the mothers blood volume.

Which maternal condition is considered a contraindication for the application of internal monitoring devices? Unruptured membranes. Cervix is dilated to 4 cm. External monitors are currently being used. Fetus has a known heart defect. ANS: A. To apply internal monitoring devices, the membranes must be ruptured. Cervical dilation of 4 cm permits the insertion of fetal scalp electrodes and intrauterine catheter. The external monitor can be discontinued after the internal ones are applied.

A compromised fetus should be monitored with the most accurate monitoring devices. Which method of assessing the fetal heart rate requires the use of a gel?

Scalp electrode. ANS: C. The fetoscope does not require the use of gel because ultrasonic transmission is not used. Tocodynamometer does not require the use of gel. This device monitors uterine contractions. Doppler is the only listed method involving ultrasonic transmission of fetal heart rates; it requires use of a gel. The scalp electrode is attached to the fetal scalp; gel is not necessary.

How does the available staff influence the selection of either continuous electronic or intermittent auscultation as the fetal-monitoring method? There must be a nurse-to-patient ratio regardless of the method used.Illinois State University. Knowledge Define argument. What are the six elements of the argument model? We use the term argument to refer to the process of advancing claims supported by evidence and reasoning. The argument model contains claims, evidence, evidence credibility statements, warrants, qualifiers, and rebuttals.

A claim represents the assertion or point that a speaker advocates. Evidence credibility statements are brief statements that establish the quality of the information you are using to support your idea. A warrant provides the justification and reasoning to connect the evidence with your claim.

Qualifiers admit exceptions and demonstrate that argumentation is not an exact science. A rebuttal not only states the other sides or counterarguments to your position but also attacks them head on. Knowledge What are the three persuasive appeals?

Goodwill reflects the extent to which an audience perceives that the speaker is concerned about them. Derived credibility is the credibility a speaker. Terminal credibility is the credibility given to the speaker at the end of the speech. Knowledge What are the common fallacies of reasoning? Related documents.

Derived credibility is the credibility a speaker develops during the speech. Download Save.Chapter Substance Use and Addictive Disorders.

chapter 17 quizlet

Multiple Choice. Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Poor impulse control, rapid speech, and hypertension are most characteristic of abusing which substance?

A new patient with a history of alcoholism is in the ER with agitation, vomiting, and tremors. He tells you he had his last drink 24 hours ago. Which medication would most likely be ordered? Naloxone hydrochloride. Your patient has a long history of alcohol abuse. You know that denial is a frequently used defense mechanism. Which statement is indicative of denial? My father was a drinker so I guess that led me to this. I can stop anytime I want, I just dont feel like it now.

Drinking calms my nerves. I drink when my kids upset me. Which of the following statements from an alcoholic patient reflects a good understanding of his or her condition? I will stick to wine or beer from now on. Ill be OK if my wife will just stop nagging me. I plan to take my sobriety 1 day at a time. I wont need AA after I am sober for 1 year. Your year-old patient in the alcohol treatment unit tells you he often cant remember events while he was drinking.

What is this most likely an example of? A teenager admits to you that he has been smoking marijuana. The nurse knows that marijuana is a n :. Which drug cannot be given if the patient reports alcohol intake in the last 24 hours? Your patient in the ER waiting room is inebriated. He becomes increasingly loud and abusive while waiting to be seen.Sign in. Don't have an account? We weren't able to detect the audio language on your flashcards. Please select the correct language below.

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Sign in Don't have an account? Set the Language Close. Add to Folders Close. Please sign in to add to folders. Upgrade to Cram Premium Close. Upgrade Cancel. Shuffle Toggle On. Card Range To Study through. After determining a nursing diagnosis of acute pain, the nurse develops the following appropriate client-centered goal: A. Encourage client to implement guided imagery when pain begins.

Determine effect of pain intensity on client function.Chapter He should've move to higher ground for the night, should've radioed in false coordinates. There was nothing he could do now, but still it was a mistake and a hideous waste. He felt sick about it. In this chapter, narrator O'Brien talks about how the men in the platoon were looking for Kiowa's body after the rain had partially ceased. This quote belongs to Jimmy's perspective. In it, we readers sense his feeling of guilt for loosing one of the men of his Company because he feels that Kiowa's death was his mistake due to his lack of intuition that something bad could happen near the shit field and his lack of courage for refuting the higher orders.

The flashlight made it happen. Dumb and dangerous. And as a result his friend Kiowa was dead. This fragment belong to the perspective of the young soldier whose name is never stated in the chapter. The fact that the boy says "the flashlight made it happen" suggest that as Lieutenant Jimmy Cross he also feels remorse; he also thinks that Kiowa's death was his fault. Although his motives are different, he believes his action of lighting up a flashlight triggered the explosion in the shit field, he sees himself as the target to blame and considers that his actions were the ones who killed Kiowa, making this chapter's atmosphere depressive.

I had ti all wrapped up, I had it in plastic, so it'll be okay if I can Last night we were looking at it, me and Kiowa.

Chapter 17: Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance My Nursing Test Banks

Right here. I know for sure it's right here somewhere' This quote belongs to the young soldier's point of view. He's looking for the picture of his girlfriend that seemed to have gotten lost under the water of the shit field alleging to Lieutenant Jimmy Cross that he needs to find it that it's the only one he's got.

This fragment suggests the importance of photographs for the soldiers are war; they are talismans and good-luck charms. Let's hear that one.

When Kiowa's body is found, the men of the platoon see him covered deeply in mud and water and this is when Azar is confronted with the naked truth of his own mortality; he realizes that he is still alive because of luck. The fact that Kiowa is death triggers a string within him and he realizes that the only reason for why he is still alive is because he is lucky he didn't get shot and because it was not his time.

The joke that Norman Bowker makes emphasis in is an indirect manner of forcing Azar to make fun of death as he always done, but he's denial through the words "forget it" suggest that he has grown-up and finally understood that he's life is not eternal and that if it weren't for his own luck he could be in Kiowa's same position or worst. This section belongs to the perspective of the men in the platoon and although it is pretty short, it is powerful.Quite unexpectedly, Isabella arrives at the Grange in a state of physical disarray.

chapter 17 quizlet

She knows better than to think Edgar will allow her to stay, so she is not seeking refuge, just assistance. She tells Nelly that Hindley stayed sober to attend his sister's funeral, but lost his courage and started drinking the morning of the service. When Heathcliff returns to Wuthering Heights from keeping vigil at Catherine's grave, Hindley locks him out of the house and tells Isabella that he is going to kill Heathcliff.

Isabella tells Heathcliff of Hindley's intentions but does not allow him entrance to the house. Heathcliff bursts into the house through a window and ends up beating Hindley.

The next morning Isabella accuses Heathcliff of being responsible for everyone's misery and tells Hindley how Heathcliff beat him.

Heathcliff and Hindley begin fighting again as Isabella makes her escape. After telling her story to Nelly, she leaves for London. She ends up giving birth to a son, Linton. Edgar and she begin corresponding, though he withdraws from society. Thirteen years later, Isabella dies.

chapter 17 quizlet

Hindley dies six months after Catherine's death, and Nelly returns to Wuthering Heights to check on both funeral arrangements and Hareton. Nelly finds out that Hindley was deep in debt and that Heathcliff held the mortgage. Heathcliff refuses to allow Hareton to go with Nelly, threatening to take possession of Linton. In contrast to the previous chapter, all sympathy that readers gained for Heathcliff is lost when Heathcliff beats Hindley.

During the beating, Hindley is the victim of his own past sins and Heathcliff's displaced anger and aggression about Catherine's death. Soon after Catherine's death, Hindley dies too. The details are not exactly revealed, but Heathcliff claims Hindley "spent the night in drinking himself to death deliberately. Heathcliff has rough intentions with both Linton and Hareton. He refers to his own son as "it," not even affording Linton the level of respect of a person.

And Heathcliff essentially steals Wuthering Heights from Hareton. Hareton is the rightful landowner, although the land is in debt. What Hareton should have inherited from his father is a mountain of debt with Heathcliff serving as the mortgagee. What happens, though, is Heathcliff assuming control of the property because he owns the mortgage.

This chapter marks the end of the first generation and the first half of Wuthering Heights. The second half of the novel in many ways mirrors the first, with Heathcliff longing for revenge, and willing to destroy anyone who is in his way.

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